Gratitude for Greatness

‘Tis the season to show gratitude!

Gratitude is a key pillar of my business and absolutely a part of who I am. I don’t wait until Thanksgiving week to show my gratitude for others. At the end of the day, gratitude is a major part of human connection and building relationships.

Expressing gratitude is one of the best ways to help your business grow and it’s something that so many businesses look past.

How often do you say “thank you?”

  • When you’re at dinner, talking to a friend and the server refills your water, do you stop for a moment to look up and say thank you?

  • When you’re talking on the phone and the other person helps you solve a problem or shows you great customer service, do you say thank you?

  • When you’re at the grocery store and the bag clerk puts your groceries into your cart as you’re on the phone with a client, do you pause to say thank you?

This quote by Willam Arthur Ward rings true to me. How you express gratitude shows a lot about who you are as a person. Gratitude comes naturally to me, but I know that it isn’t the same for everyone.

Express gratitude as you go

This shouldn’t be a one time thing. Show gratitude throughout the entire transaction. When your clients are showing patience, or you are re-analyzing a situation, or waiting to get the results of an appraisal from a lender. If something goes wrong, thank your client for understanding, especially if it is something you can’t fix on your own. Expressing gratitude shouldn’t be held until the close of escrow -- identify moments and situations throughout the transactions where you can show your appreciation and thanks for the client. There is more meaning to the expression when it is least expected.

Referrals are a great example of this. If my friend Tory refers me to her cousin and I wait until the close of escrow to thank Tory there are so many scenarios that can take place when escrow doesn’t close. If her cousin doesn’t qualify for a loan or doesn’t end up wanting to buy and I’ve been waiting to thank Tory, that gratitude may never come. It’s important to express gratitude every step of the way so Tory knows I appreciate her referral and that will hopefully open the door for more.

Thank You Notes

I am a huge fan of thank you notes because I know how far they can reach someone. I write notes for nearly any situation you can think of. Maybe it’s saying a quick thanks for a lunch date, or something they said or did for me, or just thanking them for being a friend. This expression of gratitude can reach someone so much farther than a simple “thank you” in person or over the phone because it’s unexpected.

Working relationally is all about showing your clients that you appreciate them more than a client.

Affiliates and Vendors

This is the group that is so often left out when sharing gratitude. But guess what? Without them, you likely would not have a successful transaction or business. Your inspectors, appraisers, title reps, loan officers, escrow officers, and attorneys… they deserve gratitude. How often do you express it to them?

Here’s Your Homework

I want you to think of 10 people you are grateful for and I want you to create an action plan -- What are three things you can do for each of these 10 people to express your gratitude for them?

Put it on your calendar or task list and put it in action! Whether it’s a thank you gift, a thank you card, or a simple call or lunch… EXPRESS YOUR GRATITUDE.

Take it a step further… I want you to call or text or send a video to every person in your database to say thank you before the end of the year. Let them know you are grateful for their support and their referrals.

Remember, gratitude is essential to your business and it can be expressed year-round. Make it a part of your 2021 plan to show your appreciation for your clients, affiliates, and vendors, or anyone who puts trust in you and your business.

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